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Masao Kohmura

1943.  Born in Tokyo.
1963.  Entered Tama Art University.
1966.  Formed CTG (Computer Technic Group). 
1966.  Student member of Fuzita-gumi architectural company's board of directors. 
1969.  Graduated from Tama University of Art, department of Product Design.
        Founded an institute for image engineering (to present).
1972.  Went to U.S.A by invitation at the State Department,
        visited American universities and research institutes.
1977.  Lecturer at Tsukuba University (to present).
1984.  Visiting professor at Kyoto College of Art.
1985.  Chair man of Computer Graphics department, Kyoto College of Art (~'92).
1992.  Professor, Informatique Design department, Tohoku University of Art & Design (~2000)

2000.  Professor, Department of Media Arts & Sciences, Chukyo University. (to present).


1968.  'Cybernetic Serendipity Exhibition, ' ICA(Institute of Contemporary Art), London.
           'Computer Art Exhibition, ' Gallery Tokyo.
1969.  'The Contemporary Tendency Exhibition, ' Kyoto Museum of Modern Art.
           'Electromagica : International Psytech Art Exhibition, ' Sony Building,Tokyo.
           'The 6th Paris Youth Biennale, ' Paris Museum of Modern Art. 
1970.  'Eve of Tommorow Exhibition, ' Hanover, Germany.
           'International Video Week Exhibition, ' Tokyo American Center.
1973.  'Cybernetic ARTRIP : International Computer Art Exhibition', Sony Building, Tokyo (~'75).
1974.  'Tokyo Biennale'74 : International Art Exhibition, Japan, Tokyo, Kyoto.
           '100 Feet Film Festival,' Tokyo, Nagoya, Sapporo, Kyoto.
1975.  Exhibition in Gallery Tamura, Tokyo.
1977.  'Enjoyable Computer Exhibition', Tokyo. 
1980.  Performance event 'Hot Hands of September', Civic Gallery, Yokohama.
1981.  Kobe Portpia : Theme Center.
1982.  'Media Bum : Audio-Visual Show'.
           'New Visual Expression Exhibition', Seibu, Tokyo.
           'The 1st International Olternative Music Festival', Tokyo, Osaka.
1983.  'The 11th International Electronic Music Contest,' France.
           Contemporary art festival 'Art and Technology,' Toyama-Prefectual Museum of Modern Art.
          'NICOGRAPH (Japan Computer Graphic Association) '83 '.
1984.  'International High Technology Art Exhibition,' Shibuya Seibu, Tokyo. 
1985.  'The 2nd Contemporary Art of Asia Exhibition,' Fukuoka City Museum of Art.
1986.  'SIGGRAPH '86,' U.S.A.
1987.  'Image du Furtur '87,' Canada.
1988.  'Japan Now, Sweden Now,' Sweden.            
          'Japanese High Technology Art Exhibition,' Taiwan Museum of Art.
          'NICOGRAPH (Special Interest Group of Computer Graphic Association) '88 '.
1989.  'Burning Peak Line,' Chiba-Prefecture.
1990.  'European Media Art Festival,' Germany.
1991.  'Emittona,' Tokyo and Kyoto College of Art.
1992.   'Centrifugal Force of Sculpture Exhibition,' National Museum of International Art, Osaka.
1993.  'Multimedia Performance,' Tokyo.
1995.  'Jumping Typography' O Art Museum,Tokyo
1995.  'Japanese Culture:The Fifty Postwar year
1945-1995 'Meguro Museum of Art,Tokyo
1995.  Venice Biennial "Transculture"
1996.  'Transculture' Naoshima Contemporary Art Museum,Kagawa,Japan
1998.  'The Library of Babel' NTT ICC Shinjuku,Tokyo,Japan